Ways You Should Know on How to Delete a TikTok Account Permanently & Protect your Personal Information

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Information is significant in this digital age, where people tend to earn from the data. There are thousands of organizations that you do not even know gather personal details or details about you every day. Much of this information is personal, private and confidential and is of interest to many companies because, in this digital age, customer information and data is considered to be a strategic advantage for a company in its marketing efforts.

Companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter which is the most popular social media platform that people use nowadays. According to statistics, in the year 2019, LinkedIn has a revenue of 6.8 billion US Dollar, Facebook has revenue of about 70.7 billion US Dollars and TikTok has profit about 176.9 million US Dollars. You might be curious about how these organizations grow their profit, as we know these platforms are free to use, register and sign up, how are they so profitable? 

The reason is that other than earning from advertising, they also make by selling the user information to other parties. As many social platforms act as an intermediary that collect the information and details of their users, thereby selling to the 3rd party organization. Those social platforms attract people to sign up to their service while signing up, they get all the personal information from them. Then they sell to those companies who are interested to get the database of the users for further sales purposes. Therefore, there are more and more organizations using those dates to approach their target audience, to promote and sell their product to them. 

Now, you know how your personal information is being spread and taken by someone you don’t even know. Thus, it is threatening that all your information may be stolen and leaked out to someone you don’t know, your safety may be threatened. Hence, here are some precautions you are able to take to prevent such issues from happening. 

Ways to Avoid Your Personal Information from Tik Tok account being Hacked/Stolen

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1. Deactivate Tik Tok account

This is the most effective and efficient way to avoid your info being leaked out to some unauthorized persons. As you delete and remove your social account permanently, all the data and videos in the account will be removed permanently as well. You may not find any related information to you on the internet. 

2. Not to share your personal information in Tik Tok account

Not to share details about yourself in the social platform, which is to avoid people to search about you and know your recent social activity. Some unauthorized person may hack your account to obtain all the info and videos about you and being used in illegal activity.

3. Be careful when signing up a social account

Whenever you sign up for an online account you may require to fill-up the personal information about yourself, especially your name, phone number, email and home address. This information is confidential; however, some unauthorized person or company may obtain such information and sell it to others for profit. Therefore, please be aware when signing up a social account, while filling up the personal details, remember to read through the privacy policy of the website to ensure your information is being protected. 

11 Steps of How to Delete TikTok Account Permanently

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Step 1: Open the TikTok app. 

Step 2: Tap on the person icon at the lower right of your screen to open your profile.

Step 3: Click on the three dots. This is located in the upper right corner and allows you to view all your TikTok settings.

Step 4: Click on Privacy and Settings.

Step 5: Click on Manage My Account.

Step 6: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the link “Thinking about removing your account?” Tap it.

Step 7: Hit Send code to the right of the Verification Code field.

Step 8: Wait for the code to be sent to you.

Step 9: Enter the 4-digit code within 60 seconds of it being sent to you.

Step 10: Read about the consequences of deleting your account. They make it clear that you will lose all of your videos and transactions and that some information relevant to your account (like messages) will still be available to others. If you still want to delete your account, click Continue.

Step 11: Click Delete Account and you’ll be logged out, then your account will be deleted permanently. 

Other Ways on How to Delete TikTok Video 

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