How to Remove & Delete Your Personal Information from the Internet and Google

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How to Remove & Delete Your Personal Information from the Internet and Google


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Personal data drives the most profitable corporations of today; however, the data provider, the website user, that that data is derived from, still knows nothing about how much of their information and data is stored, who will get to look at it, and what it is worth. 

You may not even realise there are thousands of companies that collect personal information or data about you every day.  All that information is personal, private and confidential, and is valuable to many businesses as, in this information age, customer information and data is considered the competitive advantage for a company in their marketing endeavours. 

Examples of personal information that can be deleted from the Internet include:

  • Your full name, home address, phone number, and education history.
  • Identification numbers (IC No.), such as a passport number.
  • Account credentials, such as Account login info such as usernames and passwords.
  • Bank account numbers and online banking login information.
  • Health information or health insurance details which are sensitive.

Why Do You Need to Remove Your Information from the Internet

This data can often flow to academic researchers or market researchers, hackers, law enforcement and foreign nations, as well as many companies trying to sell things to you.  The personal data or information of the customer provides valuable marketing insights to the organization, which is useful for making a strategic marketing plan. 

However, such personal information online poses risks to the online user, as people are able to track your information when the data is published to the world, what you like, what you do, and where you are located. Some people may use such information to conduct illegal activities, fraud and scam are the most common cases in today’s world. 


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According to a statistic from Statista, stated that there are over 5123 cyber fraud cases in Malaysia in the year of 2018, which is the highest cybercrime cases among the other online criminal cases. Most of these cyber fraud cases may be due to the loss of personal data or hacked of personal information online.

Hence, prevent to be one of the victims, here are some ways for you to remove your personal information from the internet;

Tips on How to Remove and Delete Personal Information from the Internet

1. Deactivate your social network account 

Whenever we register for a social network account or an online account, we might request to fill up some of our personal information such as name, phone number, home address, e-mail, bank cards no., identity card number. Some of these companies may sell the data they have collected to other 3rd parties who earn money from this personal data. So, to prevent this data sharing, you may be able to deactivate your social network account, to minimize your digital footprint. 

The most commonly used social network accounts are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit and shopping sites like Lazada, Shoppee, Tao Bao, Alibaba, Amazon. Those social sites that you have registered which contain all your personal information, to remove your information from the internet, you may be able to deactivate your account from those sites to prevent leakage of personal information to the internet. 

2. Remove personal information from the online data collection sites 

There are businesses out there that gather information about you. They’re called data brokers, and they’ve got names like Spokeo,, PeopleFinder, and many more. They may collect data from everything you do online, and then sell the data to advertisers, marketers or 3rd parties’ companies, mostly so that they can market to you more directly and sell you more. Many people may feel annoyed about being disturbed by such companies that are spamming your mailbox with sales messages. Therefore, you are able to delete your personal information from such websites through dealing with such sites to request to remove your information; however, it might be time-consuming. 

3. Remove unnecessary apps from your phone/tablet 

Many smartphones, tablet mobile apps collect and gather personal information of the user such as the name, e-mail, spending habits and geographic location. Such data can be hacked, leaked, or stolen, and if this information is in scammer’s hands, you may be in danger. 

So, to avoid such a situation from happening, you may be able to remove any apps that you no longer use. It would help if you determined which apps you don’t want the App to have your data. Then you will be able to look for ways to remove all your info and remove the App. You may also be able to seek for the Apps provider or Apps company which requests to remove your information from the apps and the internet. 

4. Use do-not-track features to remove personal information from the website

You may probably notice disclaimers on “cookies” while browsing the web; it is the technology that tracks your internet browsing habits. These cookies can track which particular site you visit, what content you are interested in, and record each specific individual web browsing habits and history. If you don’t want that information to be monitored and stored, then consider running security software that has features that block from tracking online. 

You were also able to clear your searching history and cookies through your web browser from time to time to avoid the other website from tracking your personal information. To do so, where you just do some modification on the web browser setting, you will be able to clear your browsing history. So, you can remove your personal information online and prevent others from tracking your online browsing behaviour. 

5. Delete personal information by deactivating or removing email accounts 

It is similar to deactivating social networking accounts, where you are able to disable the email you are no longer using. Many software solutions are available online to help companies or individuals to find the exact personal information of a particular person they want, which is mostly email accounts. Those companies will start sending e-mail messages to sell their product or service to the targeted audience. 

Some companies may encourage their users to subscribe or opt-in their e-newsletter, enable them to send the e-newsletter or e-mail to their user mailbox, to grab their awareness and to encourage them to purchase. 

If you are annoyed with these messages, or you don’t want the company to collect data from you, you are able to close or delete the email account. It is a way to block others from sending mail to you and is a way to delete your personal information regarding behaviour and interest. So, you will not be receiving any spamming email you would not like to receive. 


Other Alternative Way on How to Delete personal information from Google


remove personal information from google


This is an alternative step you may be able to take, which is to seek help from Google. Google provides such services for people who want to delete or remove their personal information from the internet. If you find that you were not able to remove the content or information you want by following the approach mentioned above, you will be able to seek the help from Google that provides an online removal service. 

Conclusion: Why do you need to remove your personal information from the internet?

We are living in a digital age where information is easily accessible and shared through online and internet, we are able to get the information we want with just a click. It is convenient for us when we are doing some research; however, it might pose a threat to us at the same time. When all our information or contact is transparent to the public, it means giving chances to someone to use it illegally. So, it is essential to protect ourselves from such danger. 

Removing personal information is essential; however, avoiding oversharing or exposing personal information to the internet or social platform will be the best way to prevent from getting involved in those cyber-criminal cases. 

What other methods for me to remove my personal information from the Internet? 

Do you want to learn more about how Internet Removals can assist you in removing personal information? At Internet Removals, we provide a specialised service whereby we lodge and manage applications for the removal of content to offending search engines, website administrators and web hosts. You have more queries about our service, please contact our team via email on [email protected] or call +60135121591.








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